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Learn more about the research-based design and implementation approach which incorporates your brand into your environments for optimal customer experiences.

Young woman generation z with colored hair is shopping online

Gen Z: A Next-to-Now Generation of Shoppers

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The Future of Retail: Innovative Thoughts for 2023 and Beyond

Retail is never easy. Challenges are simply different from one era to the next. But as we’ve said before, retailers who respond with purposeful innovation will continue to thrive,..

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The Secret to Great Design Adaptation for Branded Environments

Potential clients looking for branded environment solutions sometimes ask Miller Zell, “What are you good at?”

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A Candid Conversation with Metaverse Expert, Elizabeth Strickler

What is the Metaverse? Well, it’s not fully here so there is no final answer … yet. A conversation with Metaverse expert Elizabeth Strickler sheds some light on this new frontier...

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Big Opportunities with Small Footprints: Four Points to Consider

The recent trend toward smaller-footprint stores is about something more fundamental than simply reducing square footage. It’s ultimately about creating smarter, more innovative..

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Innovative Retail Solutions Require Blend of Experience and Creativity

“No one can argue that there isn’t a lot going on in retail right now. But looking back, there are very few times where that’s not been true.”

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