Retailers Enhance Shopper Journey Through Storytelling

This could be a historically lucrative holiday season for retailers.

By Miller Zell

A J.P. Morgan analyst told CNBC that we could have the "best back-to-back [seasons] that the consumer has seen in five-plus years.” Shoppers could spend more than $1.1 trillion, according to annual forecasts from Deloitte.

"best back-to-back [seasons] that the consumer has seen in five-plus years."

Optimistic economic forecasts, however, guarantee nothing to retailers. They still must attract demanding shoppers with compelling stories and experiences that outshine their competitors.

Such is the thinking of Tom Ertler, senior vice president and creative director at Miller Zell, in his column for VMSD, “Creating the Shopper Journey this Holiday Season.

His insights open with a vivid scene from A Christmas Story that is familiar, even beloved, for many folks – Ralphie, his brother and a gaggle of gaping children looking in awe at the Higbee’s Christmas window display.

The display promised nothing less than magic for the children, and retailers need to be as ambitious today with their storytelling in their exterior displays as well as throughout their stores.

Even more so, in fact, as Ertler describes it. Check it out here.

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