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Learn more about the research-based design and implementation approach which incorporates your brand into your environments for optimal customer experiences.


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Lessons Learned

The COVID-19 pandemic presented myriad challenges to retailers and other businesses operating public spaces.

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How to Overcome Supply Chain Breakdowns

COVID-19 spawned unprecedented challenges for international trade, particularly with the North American supply chain, where there’s never been a bigger imbalance between imports..

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Proud Goodbye to Miller Zell from Ron Lutz

Miller Zell EVP & Chief Retail Officer Ron Lutz announced his retirement from Miller Zell this month. We asked him to write a few words in advance of his departure.

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Winning with Customers at Curbside

I enjoyed an opportunity recently to conduct a webinar for the International Signage Association on the rise of BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) during the pandemic. We..

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Reflecting on 2020 and What Lies Ahead

No question, 2020 has been an unprecedented, anxious year, for people and businesses. Yet as we at Miller Zell reflect on what 2020 entailed and what we can expect from 2021 and..

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What She Didn’t Say

I was honored to be interviewed on a podcast last month by Terry Badger from the financial services industry think tank, @BAI_Info (BAI Banking Strategies). Besides suddenly being..

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