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Execution Failures Doom Good Ideas

By Flora Delaney
  • Strategy
  • Execution Failures Doom Good Ideas

Guest post written by our friend and retail consultant, Flora Delaney

My retail clients usually come to me for one of the following:

  • A short-term need with no one in the company to cover the work.
  • A knowledge gap in the internal team that a short-term consultant can fill.
  • Politically, what needs to be done cannot be achieved by internal leaders.

But I can tell you that the real value in each scenario is orchestrating smooth handoffs.

Because execution is where good decisions about major retail initiatives fall short of projections. It is in the tricky, detailed handoffs from strategy to installation and execution where projects come apart. Marketing doesn’t align with merchandising who doesn’t align with operations who doesn’t align with procurement and on down the line. Clumsy handoffs are expensive and lead to failed plans.

Most projects have a strong strategic and financial business case. Retailers do a consistent job of validating business propositions with their target market and measuring projected ROI. Before a major investment is announced from the boardroom, you can be sure that there have been consumer studies, market analyses, sales forecasts and profit projections to substantiate the decision.

The strategic decision is made and the hard work of making difficult capital decisions is over. But the true work is just beginning.

We know that the right strategic decision doesn’t guarantee that the organization will thrive. Truth is, an average idea outstandingly executed will be more profitable than an excellent idea that is poorly executed.

Retailers need to seek out partners who can work in the details through and across every function of their organization to deliver remarkable retail experiences.

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Of course, that is just one consultant’s opinion.

Flora Delaney is a retail consultant, expert and author of the book Retail: The Second-Oldest Profession - 7 Timeless Principles to Win in Retail Today. Flora brings her passion for creating new customer experiences with sound retail fundamentals to our readers. Her book is available on Amazon and for all devices and paperback.


Guest writer, Flora Delaney, is a retail business expert with over 20 years of multi-channel, cross-functional experience. She and her team have consistently delivered strategic projects through merchandising insight, change leadership, process design, team mentorship, and IT partnership.