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Digital Strategies that will Connect with Customers

By Miller Zell

When considering a digital solution within your branded environment, the biggest challenge is ensuring it’s purposeful, solves customer and associate pain points and checks the boxes on measurable ROIs that matter most.

There are no shortages of goals, including driving loyalty, improving operational efficiency, creating more engaging and informative experiences and upgrading customer data insights.

Before you begin your planning, answer questions that will help direct and focus your resources:

  • What pain points are you trying to solve?
  • What value would a digital solution provide to both your business and customer?
  • Which metrics and KPIs will you track and how are you going to measure and interpret that data?
  • How will you create a seamless, omnichannel experience that harmonizes your physical and digital touchpoints?
  • What will you do to ensure customer trust with data privacy?
  • What part of your store environment are you comfortable sending into retirement?

Developing innovative, customer-centric digital solutions

The digital marketplace is crowded with products and services. Further, many vendors won’t share that replacing existing store elements with the latest tech also can create new customer friction.

Miller Zell is “solutions agnostic.” When we partner with businesses, whether  in retail, financial services, QSR or collegiate facilities, we provide the best solutions based on industry knowledge and our award winning in-house digital experts who have decades of experience working on projects for many of the largest brands in the world.

For example:

  • The world’s biggest retailer wanted to create a store environment that leaned into its digital footprint, where customers could use the store app to optimize their experience. That required upgrading wayfinding and aisle markers so they seamlessly aligned with the app. And then scaling the campaign nationwide.
  • A major university wanted to transform a central but dated atrium into an innovative, tech-forward destination. Our design team created an immersive environment, highlighted by a 40-plus-foot interactive, gesture-based, touchless digital wall that allowed for customized, event-specific content. We developed and installed all digital and interactive content and all back-end systems to run the digital programs.
  • We are actively guiding a tech retail client through an evolution of their customer and employee digital experiences. We are solving for pain points with solutions, such as creating a mobile inventory tool enabling associates to find products at multiple locations with varying layouts. The customers’ version provides product information and availability and then guides them to the exact aisle and shelf. We made sure the new platforms aligned with store signage and communication, online and in CRM efforts, ensuring the consumer journey is seamless and clear, with united messaging to continue the customer conversation. We also are creating an in-store ad network and PC configurator that optimize personalization.

Add value, connections with digital initiatives

Out of necessity, the pandemic forced many retailers to accelerate the adoption of digital interfaces that minimized contact, and the good news is previously reluctant customers are now embracing new technology. Now would be a good time to review, improve and augment existing digital touchpoints, while also projecting forward how customer engagement will continue to evolve and how aggressively you are willing to pursue disruptive technology.

Consider a flagship “store of the future.” It looks great for in-store customers, but are there fresh ways it might help you story tell along the path to purchase? What about hosting a livestream from inside the store, showcasing products to customer watching online or through your app?

What about your digital content? It works best when it’s carefully managed, customized and localized. And when it is driven by real-time customer data.

Great content design, developed by top-level 2D and 3D animators, educate, entertain and attract customers, while also generating optimized ambiance within your branded environment. Thoughtful UX/UI strategies and well-executed motion graphics ensure the right messages are played at the right time, engaging the right customers.

Another area worthy of immediate focus: voice tech. Voice assistants are expected to generate $80 billion in annual sales by 2023. It’s no longer sci-fi thinking to envision people walking around their homes, looking into pantries and closets and simultaneously telling a voice assistant what they want to buy at the grocery and home improvement stores, whether they use BOPIS or delivery.

Customers will want to know their personal information is safe. Once assured, though, the resulting shopping data will provide a foundation for highly personalized experiences and focused messaging, not to mention localized inventory management.

Digital evolution and those who lead it will focus on story telling along the path to purchase, making shopping easier and then, on the back end, using these resultant learnings to become more operationally efficient and insightful about what comes next.

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