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Complex Rollout and Campaign Processes Impact Your Customer Experience

By Miller Zell
  • Complex Rollout and Campaign Processes Impact Your Customer Experience

Creating the ultimate customer experience not only creates loyal customers but ultimately leads to brand enthusiasts. But the path to get there starts well before customers walk in your door. It starts with design rollouts and store logistics that go right the first time. So you can focus on the customer instead of coordinating deliveries or managing installation.

But what often happens is field teams get stuck opening boxes and searching for missing components or waiting on install teams that are running behind. Worst case, a store is set up improperly or off-brand and no one knows for days. And then there’s the rush and drain on employee hours to correct it.

What if there was a solution built for ease and convenience, with all the info you need at your fingertips, like your best personal technology? You'd probably want something like this: 

  • Easy to use – A solution that required little to no training because it was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Built-in flexibility would make it easy to customize according to specific wants and needs.
  • Status at your fingertips – Scheduling that is easy to navigate and understand so you can see which locations are completed, in progress and up next.
  • Visibility into the finished location – Photo or video file sharing along with messaging between the field and project managers to keep everyone on the same page and the work on track.
  • Single source of information – A place to house all of your floorplans along with material lists and quantities. So with one click you could order all of the needs of each unique location eliminating time, errors and waste.

It’s a bit of a trick question because that’s exactly what Miller Zell did.

We developed a proprietary software – REACH™ – to improve our customers’ experience, so they in turn could focus on theirs. The goal was an intuitive and efficient means to manage orders, get real-time inventory tracking and view multiple floorplans so installation would be seamless.

Starting with the basics, we knew it had to be a logistic management system that worked whenever and wherever clients needed it, so 24/7 access via mobile, tablet or laptop was a given.

What we’ve learned is this: a logistic snafu can be a minor inconvenience when you’re dealing with 10 stores. But when you’re working on hundreds or even thousands of stores at a time, you need an error-free, overarching solution that avoids miscommunication because it is synched with each and every one of your footprints.

From survey management and installation, to print campaigns and quarterly rollouts, REACH is the comprehensive logistical system that transforms in-store processes from winding and complex to straightforward and simple. Watch it in action here or ask to see a demo today.


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