50 Years of Getting it Right

A history rooted in retail

Getting it right. It’s the guiding principle Sandy Miller, the founder of Miller Zell lived by more than 50 years ago and has passed onto his son Chip Miller, current CEO of Miller Zell.

It’s because of this principle that what started as a printing, point-of-sale (POS) design, retail graphics, promotions and fulfillment company, has now evolved into the full-service comprehensive retail company that it is today.

“It’s always going to be about the store environment and how the customer perceives and reacts to it. For our clients, that’s what we’ve been focused on for the past 50 years – getting it right.”
– Chip Miller, CEO

How we got here


Miller Zell: The Beginning
Screen printing, POS promotions, planning & fulfillment


Renovation & Visual Merchandising Services Nationwide
In-house retail lab for customer insights; Research division for shopper studies


Full-service Retail Engagement
Capabilities expand to Strategy, Design, Value Engineering, Project Management, Production, Installation


Dedicated team structure to nurture and grow relationship


Retail Banking Division
Banking strategy, environments and communications


The Era of Omni-Channel
Navigating clients through the terrain of Retail Technology